Business Succession Planning

You have spent your blood, sweat, and tears, building a business that has brought you great satisfaction. Perhaps your children are in the perfect position to carry on the family business or maybe you have a loyal employee who is ready to take over the reins. What is the most tax efficient way to transfer the business to this person?

How can you create an incentive for this person to work hard and yet still keep some level of control for yourself in case things do not work out? Are there any ways you can ensure that the business will continue to thrive even after you have left the helm? This firm can help you to navigate through these decisions and more so that your business will continue to be a success even after you are gone.

Our estate attorney is an expert in business succession planning and help you make the best plans. He also works with asset protection, trusts, buy sell agreements and more. Call Alley Law in Pasadena, CA today at (626) 692-5693! Our estate planning attorney cannot wait to assist you.